Construction Management

Our competitive bid experience enhances Belmont’s effectiveness as a construction manager. Early in the design phase, Belmont analyzes costs, frequently making over-budget projects feasible. With particular expertise in assessing plans for constructability and life-cycle costs. Belmont performs value engineering for significant savings based on modifications to methods, materials, and equipment.

Our role as the Construction Manager is to act as the Owner’s representative, by providing a full management team, whose goal is to enhance and control the delivery of a construction project. It is Belmont ‘s responsibility to coordinate the various contracts into a successful, completed project.

Our Construction Management services are based on strong capabilities to manage quality, costs and scheduling. Construction Management allows close relationships and increased efficiency between the design and construction functions, resulting in a project that is produced with lower costs, and delivered on time or prior to the scheduled completion date. A high quality project can be produced while the owner maintains extensive control and flexibility throughout the process.

Including Belmont in the project team early in the construction process is one of the main advantages in utilizing the Construction Management approach. Retaining Belmont on a professional fee basis allows for a wide array of services to be provided during both design and construction phases. By including Belmont in the project team during the pre-construction phase, the people who are most knowledgeable about cost and construction techniques are involved when the opportunities are the greatest for affecting the project budget and schedule.

Under a Construction Management contract, overall coordination, scheduling and delivery of the project is the responsibility of Belmont. The work is performed by multiple prime contractors who work using traditional subcontract arrangements. These contractors are usually selected through competitive bidding. Belmont is still responsible for administration, coordination and problem solving between the Owner, Architect, General Contractor and Subcontractors and quality assurance.

Belmont will advise the owner regarding specific contractual strategies, most favorable construction packaging, change order procedures and negotiations and optimum control procedures.

Fast Track construction techniques can also be implemented by Belmont. Fast Track construction is a method employed in order to get the project completed earlier. It allows the owner to purchase materials and services at today’s prices rather than at inflated prices six months down the road. In essence, Fast Track construction reduces the impact of inflation on a fixed construction budget. In addition, any savings in contingencies at the time of project completion revert directly back to the owner.

This service brings together and encompasses all aspects of the 3 main services, Pre-Construction, Construction Services and Contract Management working as the Owner’s Agent, whereby the Owner benefits from our cost reduction and construction efforts.

Owners acknowledge our ability to both supervise the bid process and work with subcontractors, to accelerate the schedule and improve quality. Belmont manages the construction phase to ensure project delivery within schedule and budget.

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